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Searching for the perfect photographer’s assistant!

Our Classic Kids family is growing!!

Our beloved Maggie is needed at our Chicago studio to learn more on her journey to being a photographer (yay!), & while she will be greatly missed by our Hinsdale family, we are thrilled for her opportunity and we are excited to bring a new assistant on board at our studio in Hinsdale!

Help us spread the word… we are looking for the perfect Classic Kids assistant! (and Maggie is leaving some big shoes to fill!)

The candidate hired:
-will be fabulous with children. You must genuinely love working with the little kiddos all day long.
-will be physically fit as this job demands running, chasing, jumping and lifting.
-will have artistic skill as he/she will spend lots of time with our clients designing the perfect art pieces for their homes.
-will have incredible patience in dealing with both the kiddos and their parents at every step in the process to provide the highest quality service.
-will be articulate and have strong interpersonal skills in dealing with co-workers and clients.
-will have excellent organizational skills in keeping many plates spinning at once. Multi-tasking ability is required.
-is not afraid of long hours and an intense work pace.
-will have great personal style and presence.
-will be a likeable team player who will fit in well in a close working environment.

Please view our web site, www.classickids.com and www.facebook.com/ClassicKidsPhotography, to familiarize yourself with our work and who we are.

*Applicants must submit a one paragraph explanation of why they are perfect for this job along with a resume in order to obtain an interview. Please send both via email to hinsdale@classickids.com

Salary, health and other benefits are above average for our industry. We offer opportunity for progress within the Company if you are a star.



 Then it’s time to GET KEFI!
And a little Kiki in your life!

Kiki Vale

How lucky we were to spend the day capturing the energy, beauty & laughter that is Kiki Vale!  When Kiki walks into a room, you know it…a wave of genuine smiles & positive energy follow, leaving you in a GREAT mood you just can’t deny!  We became immediate Kiki superfans! (& you will too!)

Kiki Vale

How does this amazing mom do it?

Besides her natural charisma and happiness, Kiki practices “Positive Energy for Life” by following & teaching…

The KEFI Credo…10 promises to yourself

#1 Be True To You

#2 Develop A Sound Mind In A Healthy Body

#3 Love Your Neighbor As Yourself…

…& that’s a little teaser for you!

Kiki Vale

Let Kiki be your Kefi coach…follow her journey through a positive energy lifestyle & GET INSPIRED!

Learn all 10 promises of the KEFI Credo here!

Follow Kiki on Twitter for Kefi inspiration & motivation!

Kiki Vale

I mean, what a beauty…inside and out!


For Mom….a vital piece of family history….giver of the greatest love…

As a kid I had an unusual curiosity & early appreciation for my family history and where I came from, spending hours upon hours studying our many family photo albums.  I was enchanted with the way my parents looked at each other the first day they brought me home from the hospital, the way my Mom would laugh when I would run into her arms for a hug, the way my brother and I would snuggle up on Mom when she was reading us a bedtime story, and the patience & love in Mom’s eyes as she donned a cowboy hat against a hot pink background when all I wanted for my birthday was a “Glamour Shots Photo Shoot” (seriously, where was Classic Kids when I was a kid?!?)….

flowers with mom

This photo was, and still is, a vital piece art in our family home, blown up to poster size and predominantly displayed in our house since 1986. I have looked at this every day in the hallway outside my bedroom and it will NEVER feel dated or old, through this photo I can feel the love and warmth of my mom, and the joy I felt in her arms. It is truly a treasure, and something I will be passing down to my grandkids one day.

I am forever grateful to MY inspiring and beautiful Mom who is perfectly imperfect!  She is an amazing woman, wife, mother, and now Grandma who may think she sees wrinkles when she smiles, but the only thing I see is the loving sparkle in her eyes and all the years she has laughed and smiled with my brother and me. 


(and my Dad made sure of it…way to go Dad!)

*Click here for an inspiring MOM read from “The Huffington Post”, a real tear-jerker and eye-opener…Mom’s get in the picture!*


 photo credit Glamour Shots circa 1991

 …And a BIG CONGRATS to the newest mom in our family!  My nephew will never have to wonder how deep his mother’s love runs…he will have an endless picture book of her love over the years…he will see it in her eyes and the way she looks at him, he will see it in the way she loves to hold him and comfort him, he will see it in her smile that explodes with joy because he is hers.



Capture her legacy…

She is…

…unconditional love…

…endless kiss giver….

Sweet mommy kisses

Details here!


…think SPRING!

It may be hard to imagine that warm weather and sunshine will ever arrive here in Chicago, but get your bare toes (and bare bellies!) ready……spring IS coming!  Wheeeee!!!!!


Now let’s go play outside for an explosion of color and fresh air with our outdoor photo shoots!  Spaces and times are limited, don’t miss your chance for a play date with me, Maggie, and mother nature! 






Mini Valentine Photo Shoots….share love, give smiles!

share love…give smiles!
Only 2 weeks left to book your mini Valentine photo shoot at a special MINI price ($150) which includes 25 complimentary & unique classroom Valentine’s!  Let your little sweetheart be the star of their Valentine cards this year instead of Dora the Explorer! 


Be Unique!

Be Unique!

…and if you haven’t seen our Valentine’s windows yet, stop by for a sweet treat that will be sure to make you smile!  Be ready for an explosion of black, white and PINK!


A New Year wish…

…through the eyes of a child…

be in awe of the world around you,

never lose that sense of wonder,

IMAGINE what the New Year can bring!

a Will full of wonder!

HAPPY 2013!

….Chopper found his family!!!

When you visit the Hinsdale Humane Society you may fall in love with a puppy, you may fall in love with a cat, you may fall in love with a tortoise, and if you’re anything like me you may fall in love with them ALL! 

 Meet my newest love, an irresistible adoptee from HHS…CHOPPER!

 …luckily this little guy (he won’t stay little very long!) will still be a part of the Hinsdale Humane Society family because HHS volunteer and major animal lover, Kym, brought Chopper home to join HER family!!  I mean, let’s be honest, could YOU resist those puppy dog eyes?!?

 Chopper proudly joins his big sister and brother, Sugar and Dino…

…& don’t forget the gaggle of gals Chopper also calls his big sisters!

 Welcome to the family Chopper…and thanks, Kym, for all you do for our furry friends at HHS!!!!

You can help too!!  Interested in volunteering at the Hinsdale Humane Society? CLICK HERE!

Don’t have time to volunteer but you still want to support HHS?  …Book your Smooches for Pooches photo shoot for YOUR furry family member to benefit the Hinsdale Humane Society

staying cool in the DOG days of summer…

Have you been melting away during these dog days of summer?

….don’t worry, these pups will make you forget all about the heat while they melt your heart!


Meet Grant!!

He is one super playful pup with energy for days and a vertical jump that would make Lebron James jealous!


Meet Volley!

Can you tell by his name he’s a tennis fan?  He’d like to give a shout out to his #1 squad, the Hinsdale Central Girls’ Tennis Team!  Go Red Devils!


Meet Taffy!

Here’s a “sneak peek” of this sleepy pup, but check back soon to see Taffy with her BFF Alyssa….you won’t want to miss the moment Taffy showed us that no matter her size, she still INSISTS she’s a lap dog!

There’s just one more month to book YOUR Smooches for Pooches photo shoot to benefit the Hinsdale Humane Society

Help us reach our goal to raise $2000 for our furry friends at HHS!

Capturing the moment LILY realized that….

…a grown woman (ME!) was barking at her!

Fun fact:  Lily & her sister (featured yesterday  with her little bro in the “underwear incident” below) were the winners of the “Owner/Pet Look Alike Contest” at the Hinsdale Humane Society Pet Walk last month!  We sure can see why they won…big smiles and GREAT expressions run in the family!

Thanks for supporting HHS, Lily & family!

You can support HHS through August…Call NOW to book your Smooches for Pooches photo shoot so you too can capture treasured keepsakes of your furry family members while benefitting all our four-legged friends at the Hinsdale Humane Society!