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Capture her legacy…

She is…

…unconditional love…

…endless kiss giver….

Sweet mommy kisses

Details here!



A New Year wish…

…through the eyes of a child…

be in awe of the world around you,

never lose that sense of wonder,

IMAGINE what the New Year can bring!

a Will full of wonder!

HAPPY 2013!

Diamonds are no longer a girl’s best friend…

…Riley is!

I can just imagine the years to come with these two sidekicks…I’m positive they will be filled with many fun memories of playing, belly rubs, maybe a few ear tugs, and lots of slobbery licks & big laughs!

Amongst all the fun this little sweetheart showed us a glimpse of her soft & sweet side…what a perfect angel!

Thanks for a great playdate Gia & Riley!

….Chopper found his family!!!

When you visit the Hinsdale Humane Society you may fall in love with a puppy, you may fall in love with a cat, you may fall in love with a tortoise, and if you’re anything like me you may fall in love with them ALL! 

 Meet my newest love, an irresistible adoptee from HHS…CHOPPER!

 …luckily this little guy (he won’t stay little very long!) will still be a part of the Hinsdale Humane Society family because HHS volunteer and major animal lover, Kym, brought Chopper home to join HER family!!  I mean, let’s be honest, could YOU resist those puppy dog eyes?!?

 Chopper proudly joins his big sister and brother, Sugar and Dino…

…& don’t forget the gaggle of gals Chopper also calls his big sisters!

 Welcome to the family Chopper…and thanks, Kym, for all you do for our furry friends at HHS!!!!

You can help too!!  Interested in volunteering at the Hinsdale Humane Society? CLICK HERE!

Don’t have time to volunteer but you still want to support HHS?  …Book your Smooches for Pooches photo shoot for YOUR furry family member to benefit the Hinsdale Humane Society

…TWO bear sightings in the western suburbs!!!

…a polar bear in Hinsdale?!?

…or the neighborhood kids’ favorite grizzly bear?!?  (my vote is for teddy bear!!!)

Not to worry, before long it will be time to hibernate, and these bears will be good & ready to RELAX…


*Dear Bailey, our new BFF…thank you for making us smile all the mornings you come bursting through our door with your tail and cute big bum wiggling like crazy, ready for at least 20 full speed laps of fun around our front rug while you bolt between Maggie and me for belly rubs and kisses!  When daddy said you wait at the studio door for us on days we’re closed makes me want to come to work every day of the week!!!!

XOXO…Jamie & Maggie

There’s still time to Smooch your Pooch for the Hinsdale Humane Society…book your photo shoot before August comes to an end!

staying cool in the DOG days of summer…

Have you been melting away during these dog days of summer?

….don’t worry, these pups will make you forget all about the heat while they melt your heart!


Meet Grant!!

He is one super playful pup with energy for days and a vertical jump that would make Lebron James jealous!


Meet Volley!

Can you tell by his name he’s a tennis fan?  He’d like to give a shout out to his #1 squad, the Hinsdale Central Girls’ Tennis Team!  Go Red Devils!


Meet Taffy!

Here’s a “sneak peek” of this sleepy pup, but check back soon to see Taffy with her BFF Alyssa….you won’t want to miss the moment Taffy showed us that no matter her size, she still INSISTS she’s a lap dog!

There’s just one more month to book YOUR Smooches for Pooches photo shoot to benefit the Hinsdale Humane Society

Help us reach our goal to raise $2000 for our furry friends at HHS!

Capturing the moment LILY realized that….

…a grown woman (ME!) was barking at her!

Fun fact:  Lily & her sister (featured yesterday  with her little bro in the “underwear incident” below) were the winners of the “Owner/Pet Look Alike Contest” at the Hinsdale Humane Society Pet Walk last month!  We sure can see why they won…big smiles and GREAT expressions run in the family!

Thanks for supporting HHS, Lily & family!

You can support HHS through August…Call NOW to book your Smooches for Pooches photo shoot so you too can capture treasured keepsakes of your furry family members while benefitting all our four-legged friends at the Hinsdale Humane Society!

Capturing the thrilling moment this little bro realized….

….that Maggie (our tickle monkey!) was secretly putting “HER little bro’s underwear” on my head!!!!

There’s never a dull moment during our playdates here at Classic Kids…..& yet another example of how our photo shoots are like no other!

Think your kids won’t want to smile for the camera?  Think again!!!

Studio results…Prom photo winner shows brotherly love with his hip sis’ at Classic Kids

As prom photos came rolling in to Patch.com last month, I couldn’t wait to meet the winners of our “Prom photo contest“!  Patch picked a random winning prom photo and everyone pictured won a photo shoot with me at Classic Kids Photography in Hinsdale!  Not just for kids, the winner Curtiss House and his younger sister Meagan came in for their photo shoot recently, and I must say, this was one of my favorite teen shoots ever!!  Curtiss & Meagan are two awesome, amazing, fun AND funny teenagers who are just way too adorable together…Mom & Dad did something right!  I have so many favorite photographs from this photo shoot I could make a book, but I thought everyone should see the beauty and special bond between a great local big bro & little sis team, shown here.  WOW Hinsdale has some inspiring siblings and teens!

…A parade of pups with personality!!

If you have taken a stroll through Hinsdale recently you may have noticed a crowd of all ages oohing & ahhing at our front windows decorated with some of my favorite pet photos!  This leads many curious minds to ask “who is harder to photograph, kids or animals?” and my answer is always the same…

“furry or not, it’s all about personality!”

(And let’s be honest, I spend all day in funky socks playing with kids and furry friends…what’s so hard about that?!?)

Every day I meet kids of all kinds; shy, sweet, outgoing, wild, funny, quiet, lovable, and more….and the same goes for dogs!!  Capturing each unique personality in my artwork is what inspires me every day!

Enjoy our parade of PUPS WITH PERSONALITY who came in to support Smooches for Pooches for the Hinsdale Humane Society!

Meet Frank!

He’s silly & smiley….

…with a little bit of “Whatchu talkin’ bout, Willis?”


Meet Samantha!

She’s happily regal…

…& a little bit sleepy!


Meet Indy!

He’s a super energetic pup…

…who likes to flirt with the ladies!


Book your furry family members NOW through August to support the Hinsdale Humane Society!